About me

Since my earliest age I was truly fascinated with the guitar. I was brought up surrounded by guitars. As far as I remember there was always about 10-15 instruments around in my house. All at different stages of development. That was because of my father, who over 40 years ago started with guitar making and after years of constantly supporting local musicians became a renowned Polish luthier.

I’m in the guitar business since I was born and my natural interest in playing and building guitars grew up with me. I spend many hours after school in my father’s workshop and learn all the woodworking and handmaking of the guitars from my father.

When I was 16 my passion for luthiery and visiting my father’s workshop became regular. The first guitar only from the work of my hands came out when I was 18.
At that time Joe Satriani and Steve Vai turn the guitar world upside dawn. They also turn upside down my world completely. I wanted to have the guitar like they had and I wanted to play like they did, especially like Joe. To make the guitar was the easy part but there was no YouTube yet to learn anything. Fortunately I had my constant classical musical education so to me it was easier to learn their music only by hearing.

I virtually split my major between guitar making and guitar playing. Beside of luthiery I did my next step studying classical music at the Feliks Nowowiejski Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz and earning the Master of Musical Art degree.
My love for perfection never ends at the point where guitar is ready to play. I always tried to go even further and take care of how my instruments appear on the internet and to the public.
For many years my photo camera was my very faithful companion.

Please take a look into the guitar galleries and visit my facebook and youtube channel.